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What is coaching?

Coaching is one of the most powerful development tools to grow your skills and achieve  evolving behaviors. It is a tailor-made path for you,  focuses on defining yours  goals, your results and the management of personal change. Here are some ways the  coaching can help you.

What is coaching?

You have decided and you want to do a coaching path: how does it work?

  • the sessions will last for  1 hour or 1 hour and a half, which we can program according to a calendar and time that meet your needs

  • you can do the sessions online or face to face depending on each other's possibilities and needs

  • the sessions will be distributed in 2/3 months

  • you will be required to commit to meeting the appointments and to be dedicated to the session for the time agreed upon

What coaching is not

It is important to clarify what the  coach and the differences with other professions such as counseling, psychotherapy and other support professions. The consultant is an expert in the content or methodology inherent in the topic on which the client requests assistance, in coaching the real expert in the client's life is the client himself.  Some differences with the profession of psychologist:  “The Coach, as a professional, does not carry out prevention or treatment activities with respect to diseases or discomforts, does not have an interpretative approach and does not diagnose personality, does not make assessments of the person of any kind. If necessary, he can use questionnaires only to stimulate the person's awareness of specific behaviors. It also does not offer psychological support, but focuses on the growth and development of the person accompanying him in the definition of achievable goals, development of awareness, creation of possibilities and finally the choice of an action plan that goes in the direction of the goal "  Difference from the profession of counselor:  “The coaching relationship with respect to the counseling one is not a helping relationship but a relationship of equal partnership between a Coach and a Client. The Coach, as a professional, does not offer solutions to existential hardships, does not explore the past, but rather supports the Client in recognizing his / her thinking patterns and activating all internal resources to achieve the goal he / she self-defined. " (source ICF Italia website)

Can I book a preliminary session?

We can arrange an interview where we can answer your questions and clarify how coaching can help you.

What are your rates?

The coaching is tailor-made, we will make a quote that takes into account your needs.

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