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Learning How to Learn

Maximize and accelerate learning skills. 
A skill that is increasingly necessary in a constantly evolving context. 
For those who are studying or for those who return to study.
For those who help to study.
For those who want to change their thinking.

For students

For education

For organizations

Learning Coaching: Servizi


from middle school to university

Observe what you do today and plan what you will do tomorrow to get the most out of it in less time. 

To learn, studying is not enough  it is necessary to study in the right way; you need to be fit; it must be done under the best conditions.

Together we can find:

  • Clarity about yours  targets

  • Awareness of the areas to be improved

  • Ways to manage what worries you most

  • Tools to improve your effectiveness

  • Methods for memorizing and remembering

  • Understanding what your personal and unique way is to learn and value it 



Guide and inspiration

One of the problems of training interventions is the need for effectiveness or to involve learners in programs and  make sure they really use the new skills. In other words, that training is a profitable investment for those who do it and those who receive it.

Making the transfer of skills, technical updating or the creation of soft skills more effective is a problem for many companies and even training companies.  

We offer programs to prepare training users to acquire new skills, to learn to learn during and after the training course. 

An intervention in favor of 

who buys the course (e.g. company or institution)

who provides training (Business school, consulting firm or internal trainers)

who receives the training (managers, employees, new resources, ..)

Interventions for groups or individuals.



Guide and inspiration

In the current context, organizations and individuals will find in their ability to "learn to learn" a fundamental skill to remain competitive.

Copia di Copia di Copia di Copia di Rosso e Giallo Forme Geometriche Generale Banner Linke

The exclusive assessment to measure how much and how you use your brain skills

NAP ™ Neuro Agility Profile 

  • The NAP ™ is different in that it is "state-based": each reported dimension can be measured, developed and strengthened.                                 

  • The analysis is based on the three dimensions of brain dominance crossed with sensory dominances, and allows us to identify not only the behavioral style (enriched by the 3rd dimension), but also the person's personal learning style.

  • The profile presents the preferences of intelligence (11 intelligences) integrating them with the cerebral and sensory dominances.

  • The analysis of the components of neuro-flexibility and of the drivers that influence the state of form of the brain allows the development of rapid and effective action plans.

  • Thirty years of research and experimentation make exercises available for the improvement of all the analyzed characteristics.

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